"I wanted to share my recent experience with Chris at Vesper. First of all, I'm closer to 60 than I am to 55 and top the scale at nearly 200#. Some days this makes me really sad. My husband tells me he thinks I'm beautiful often, but generally I just laugh because... well, how can a large older woman be beautiful? Enter Chris. I was so nervous when I met her at the studio but she was upbeat, kind, and reassuring, and the session was so very fun. And the photos, holy cow! I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Never. So, if you're worried you're not young enough or beautiful enough, or in good enough shape for a Boudoir shoot, don't be. You are perfect, and Chris will show you just how beautiful you really are. Thank you Chris."

"What an amazing time! Chris is so thoughtful about her art and truly knowledgeable about not only what she does with the camera, but how she engages with you and instructs you in order to get the best shot ever. She's experienced with all body forms and her lovely studio is adaptable for any specific feels you wish to have for your shots. Her technique and editing is flawless and if I could, I would do a shoot every week! The experience is so fun and empowering. Don't hesitate to work with her, it'll be the biggest regret you have! Her art is beautiful and truly something to be proud of!"

"I, like all of us, have a few things that I don't LOVE seeing when I look in the mirror. I am usually pretty good about loving myself and understanding 1.) I'm a REAL LIVE WOMAN with REAL LIVE hormones and a REAL LIVE body, and 2.) My body has done incredible things and deserves respect. But sure. I would change my skin and my teeth on some days. I roll my eyes at my butt in the mirror. I have scars and dips and bumps.

But when I was hanging with Chris it wasn't there for long. Chris made me feel pretty. She was a terrific reminder that I'm enough, this body is enough. This bag of skin and bones had SO much fun and I am beyond excited to see the results! I keep looking at my preview photo, like, "Hell YES that's me! BOOM BABY!"

If you've been looking at those wrinkles, those greys, those stretchies, those scars, those pimples, those pockmarks, those bags under the eyes, those toes, those dimples, those whatevers: GIRL STOP. You're beautiful. And you need to hang with Chris.

On the fence about a shoot? DO it. Just do it. Book it. DO IT."

"One of the most amazing experiences to give yourself. Chris takes the time to build up your confidence in the weeks before your session as well as during your session. Even being "plus size" I felt sexy thanks to her direction and skills! If your on the fence just jump in with both feet and embrace the experience. She won't let you down!"

"As I soon approach my next birthday in a few days, I've found myself reflecting on so many things. This year hasn't met all of my "expectations" per se, but I have been learning quite a bit. One of the gifts I have valued most this year was an opportunity to work with

Chris on a photo shoot. She is truly an artist, and an extremely kind and gifted person. She helped me to love my body more, and I have not felt so strong, fierce, beautiful, or sexy in I don't know how long.

If you're on the fence about booking a shoot with her, I say go for it! She is so amazing to work with. I felt safe, beautiful, and able to be vulnerable in such an amazing way. She is encouraging and patient, and such a delight. I would recommend her to anyone interested in a boudoir shoot."

"I just received my photos, and I am blown away--but first, let me speak on the artist herself. From the first moment, Chris was responsive, professional, and approachable. She answered all questions I had and immediately made me feel at ease.

When you meet Chris, you might find her work space small, but rest assured that the photos she creates for you will seem as though you've to many varied, colorful, and interesting spaces.

And as for the photos themselves... What struck me about Chris was her understanding that boudoir can be both uplifting, and perhaps more importantly--utterly soul crushing upon photo review. Boudoir photos are you at your most vulnerable. And as such, if they turn out terribly--which has happened to me in the past--you will spend your coin only to feel worse than when you walked in, and like you need all the plastic surgery in the world.

But I assure you, if you book with Chris, you will not only have photos that make you feel gorgeous, untouchable, like you can have any man on the planet (or woman, or anyone or anything at all), like the incarnation of sex itself (or innocence, if you prefer)--her photos of you will also be HONEST. You will see your truest self, in your best light. Your personality will ring true.

I'm originally from the NYC area and after several boudoir shoots, with access to many different photographers/their respective styles, I had not met a photographer as empowering, as sex positive, as welcoming, as honest, as dedicated, as WORTH EVERY PENNY as Chris--and in the middle of Montana, of all places!

When you want a thing done right, you need to trust the professionals. You'd do it for your bathroom. You'd do it for your surgery. You'd do it for your car. This is one of those things. Do this for your self-esteem. Have faith, and make the call. You will thank yourself."

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