"Not Just Mom"

How did you first hear of Vesper Boudoir?

My sister in law modeled for Chris when she first started out.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a stay at home mom of five kiddos ranging from 13 years old to 2 years old.

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Did you have any obstacles or fears about doing a boudoir session?

I think I struggle mostly with the social part of it. I have trust issues so I struggle with believing people are genuine. Chris made me feel calm, and the atmosphere was sexy fun. I had so much fun

What made you decide to take the leap of faith and do a boudoir session?

It’s been sitting on my bucket list for awhile. Also I love photography, it was gonna happen

How did you feel before your session?

Really good! I was pumped!

How did you feel after your session?

Like a gosh darned movie star. I felt seen, and sexy and felt just like a starlet!

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Was the session different from what you expected?

I think it went how I thought it would, but with more laughs. I’m extremely awkward, but Chris made it less so. She is super easy to talk to and just fun to be around.

What would your advice for others be?

My advice to others who are wanting to get their photos done I say “just do it” no excuses, just jump In And ride that coaster of emotion. You’ll have ups and downs,(probably), but it’ll be worth it.

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Why would you suggest someone else book a session with Vesper Boudoir?

I would suggest someone to book with vesper boudoir because it was super easy, stress free, and so much fun. As a mother of five it was nice to see myself as not just mom ...ya know?

What would you say to someone who says they can't do a boudoir session because they are too: shy, nervous, etc?

You shouldn’t let nerves and shyness get in the way of things you truly want for yourself. Chris was easy to be around, she gave amazing direction, and just makes you feel so damn sexy you kinda forget there is even a camera around.

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Anything else you'd like to share?

I still think thongs are uncomfortable, however they make a great accessory for an amazingly sexy as hell booty shot!

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