Behind the Scenes!

Today we are sharing some behind the scenes action from one of our brand ambassador sessions last year.

One of the most common concerns I hear from people considering doing a boudoir session is that they don't know what to do. Some women I have talked to have even had the unfortunate experience of actually having photos done (boudoir or otherwise) with photographers who expect them to just figure it out in front of the camera. That's ridiculous! I have been photographing people for 17 years at this point, and I still have no idea what to do if I am *in front* of someone else's camera. It's intimidating! I take care of this concern at Vesper Boudoir by walking you through every single thing I ask you to do before I ask you to do it. Here is a glimpse into what a typical photoshoot looks like in my studio on shoot days!

Brunette having her hair and makeup professionally done in a photography studio
Hair and Makeup at Vesper Boudoir

First we pamper you with hair and makeup! Here is our amazing artist Mallory at work!

Vesper Boudoir Pre-session Posing Discussion
Pre-session Posing Chat

Then we'll have a little pre-session chat where I will show you some basics just so you start to see where we are going with things and how I direct!

Vesper Boudoir photographer adjusting client hair on bed
Let's start with the Basics

We'll start you out with something basic so you can ease into things. I will make sure your hair, clothing, and accessories are all properly in position as we move through poses (I will never touch you to fix something without your express consent)

Vesper Boudoir photographer behind the scenes
Doing my thing!

Let's get to it! I'm a shorty, so this ladder is my best friend. I will usually pose you and then move around you for different angles, so get ready for me to be all over the place!

Vesper boudoir photographer behind the scenes
Check yourself out!

I'll show you some photos on the back of the camera as we go so you can see how much you are killing it!

Vesper Boudoir client lying on gold sheets with red lingerie

For the record, this is Tiffany totally killing it already!

I will continue to demo as we go through different pose sequences. I promise to never leave you hanging!

Vesper Boudoir Behind the scenes posing assistance
Keep those hips up!

vesper boudoir behind the scenes studio posing
Sheet between the knees!

vesper boudoir behind the scenes studio posing
Arch that back!

vesper boudoir behind the scenes posing
Chest towards the ceiling!

One more from start to finish to wrap things up:

First we demo it

Then we shoot it

And, voilà!