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Boudoir image of an alternative style woman with vibrant colors taken in Helena Montana


Every Vesper Boudoir session is specifically designed to bring out and fulfill each client’s unique, fierce, fantasy photoshoot dreams!  We bring out your inner vixen!

Vesper Boudoir is a Luxury boudoir photo studio located in downtown Helena, Montana. Focusing exclusively on boudoir allows us to be your Montana boudoir expert. 


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Meet The Photographer

Helena Montana Boudoir Photographer

Hello, Beautiful! My name is Chris McMurry, and I am the owner and photographer behind Vesper Boudoir. I have been a photographer working in various genres for 15 years, but when I began shooting boudoir in January of 2019, I fell in love and never looked back. I opened my boudoir studio in downtown Helena, MT in April of 2019, and I have been shooting exclusively boudoir ever since. 

My guiding principle is that boudoir is a unique genre that is about so much more than just pretty pictures. I take my responsibility as a boudoir photographer very seriously, and I have spent countless hours learning the craft to ensure that I am able to capture the unique beauty of anyone who walks through my doors regardless of body shape, age, physical abilities, etc. I provide a safe, comfortable environment where my clients are able to release their internalized fears about their own bodies (because, let's be real, we all have them).


My luxury approach to boudoir allows me to guide you every step of the way so you never have to stress about not knowing what you are doing. I know boudoir can be a little intimidating at first, but I promise I have your back and you will leave my studio feeling like an absolute rock star.


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"I wanted to share my recent experience with Chris at Vesper. First of all, I'm closer to 60 than I am to 55 and top the scale at nearly 200lbs. Some days this makes me really sad. My husband tells me he thinks I'm beautiful often, but generally I just laugh because... well, how can a large older woman be beautiful? Enter Chris. I was so nervous when I met her at the studio but she was upbeat, kind, and reassuring, and the session was so very fun. And the photos, holy cow! I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Never. So, if you're worried you're not young enough or beautiful enough, or in good enough shape for a Boudoir shoot, don't be. You are perfect, and Chris will show you just how beautiful you really are. Thank you Chris."



The session fee for a Vesper Boudoir experience is $300 and includes:

  • Optional 30 Minute In Studio Pre-Session Consultation and Lingerie Fitting

  • Professional Hair and Makeup Application

  • Access to our Client Wardrobe

  • 90 Minutes of Photography

  • Complete Posing and Expression Coaching

  • 3 Wardrobe Changes

  • 2-Hour Private In-Person Reveal & Image Ordering Appointment

**All images are purchased separately from the Session Fee at the Reveal & Image Ordering Appointment**


Our 2021 Books Are Closed. Sign Up For Our Waiting List To Be Notified When 2022 Books Open.

Our 2021 Books Are Closed. Sign Up For Our Waiting List To Be Notified When 2022 Books Open.